Somaliland government opens fund to aid fight Coronavirus pandemic


THT-Somaliland government has set up a fund aimed at fighting the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the country.

While other countries have received financial support from the World Health Organisation and the World Bank in tackling the virus, Somaliland which is not internationally recognized has had to fend for herself as the pandemic continues to ravage across the world.

Somaliland president Musa Bihi on Monday announced the launch of an account to combat the coronavirus and start both preventive and curative measures. The government has already placed US Dollars 3 million in the account.

At the same time, President Bihi sent out a passionate appeal to corporates and wellwishers to support the government’s efforts in fighting the disease.

“Although the pandemic would adversely affect the national economy in more ways than one, we have deducted what we could from government expenditure in the national budget to jumpstart the fund in the hope both national and international benefactors will contribute to it.

We, especially, appeal to the business community some of who have already made their pledges known to us,” he stated.

International money remittance company WorldRemit through its founder Ismail Ahmed has contributed  medical supplies worth US Dollars two million.

“My gratitude goes to Ismail Ahmed of WorldRemit who has contributed a million-Dollar worth of medical supplies to the government and a million more on supplies he let on the market at source cost price.

That is a great help and we are grateful to him and his company,” he said.

Bihi at the same time asked citizens to abide by clinical as well as preventive guidelines and measures – national and international – put forth by doctors through the national preparedness committee for COVID-19.

He acknowledged that Somaliland cannot ask everybody to stay at home since the government cannot offer basic, family needs but advised caution and self-discipline

President Bihi expressed gratitude to citizens, government personnel, medics, business people who have shown full compliance and solidarity in the face of the COVID-posed dangers.

So far, only five COVID-19 cases have been officially confirmed in Somaliland.


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