Nagaad Opens situation room to record and deal with gender-based violence


The center is set to extend support services to women in politics, as well as will serve as a platform in which women can communicate on the cases of violence against them. Women victims of gender-based violence will dial a short free number, 2094, to share information in relation to the GBV cases committed against them or those coming to their knowledge.

High-level government dignitaries, CSOs, international partners, and other guests have participated in the inauguration event. Among the government dignitaries were; Dr. Essa Kayd, the minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Mohamed Kahin, the minister of Interior, Yurub Abiib, the deputy minister of Livestock & Fishery Development, and Dr. Edna Adan, Somaliland envoy for Recognition & founder of Edna Adan University.

The chairman of Nagaad Network, Mrs. Asmahan Abdisalan, has delivered the open remarks, detailing the aims behind setting this situation room & call center for women. “This Women Situation Room and GBV Call Center is intended to act as observatory for Gender-based Violence against women, because of the last year alone, as many as 188 cases of rape had been documented.” Said the Chairman of Nagaad Network.

Moreover, the chairman of Nagaad added that the center will add value to the work of already established institutions working on ensuring gender equality & mitigating the impacts of GBV against women. Mrs. Asmahaan Abdisalam has also appealed to the president and his administration to draft an act to combat people who perpetrate GBV against women including rape. ” Mr. President we appeal to your support on working toward the attainment of GBV act to help mitigate violence against women.” Concluded Mrs. Asmahan, the chairman of Nagaad Network.

Other keynote speakers have also given their remarks at the event, including; Mr. Anwar Abdirahman, the chairman of SONSAF. The chairman of SONSAF emphasized the importance of this center, denoting the center as the first of its kind to be set up in Somaliland.

Also, the head of the UK mission in Somaliland, Mrs. Lizzie Walker, who was among the distinguished attendees has spoke at the event. She communicated the significance of the center and suggested that it will contribute to better addressing GBV cases in Somaliland.

All the keynote speakers have shared the enthusiasm and the crucial role that the center will play in the state-wide efforts aiming at curbing violence against women in Somaliland.

On the other hand, government officials spoken at the event outlined the government’s commitment toward reducing the GBV in the country and shared the president’s prioritization of the matter. Somaliland’s envoy for Recognition, Dr. Adna Adan, said; ”  In the previous time, women were not subject to fears of harm infliction, but nowadays, we have seen girls as young as 7 & 8 were raped. Therefore, we have to bring our attention to the matter, and the incumbent president has what it takes to address it” Edna Aden, Somaliland Envoy for Recognition.

Ministers of Interior & Foreign Affairs who also spoke at the event, welcomed the Nagaad’s initiative and described the center as a platform of support to vulnerable women, and also reiterating the government’s commitments.

Finally, the president of Somaliland, H.E Musa Bihi, has officially inaugurated the center and delivered the ending remarks. The president has expressed his keen interest in working toward ending violence against women, in all of its forms, adding that his government has drafted an act that aims to protect women and punish those who commit crimes of violence against women – the act awaits parliament business for approval.

“We remain very united against the GBV because everyone has no choice but to come against the rape of women.”  Said the president of Somaliland, H.E Musa Bihi. Additionally, the president informed the public that the government will spare nothing to ensure that violence against women is combated against, suggesting that the essence of Islamic preachers & scholars show cooperation and understanding on the government’s efforts to end GBV.

This situation room & call center will assist and coordinate scattered efforts of support for women and provide legal counseling to women victims who experience GBV in Somaliland. It will also assist women in politics during the elections go ensure women-run effective campaigns for their success in elections.





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