Somaliland: Fumigation and disinfection exercise begins at Hargeisa Public Hospital


THT- The exercise that has commenced today at Hargeisa General Hospital was overseen by the assistant minister for the health ministry, Dr. Mahdi Osman Buri, the director-general of the ministry of health, Dr. Hergeye and the presidential palace director-general, Mohamed Ali Bile.

The disinfection exercise implemented by the Local Horn of Africa Youth Committee “Havayoco” organization.

Abdilahi Hassan, Havayoco director-general announced that the exercise entails fumigation works and public health promotion.

The director-general of the presidential Palace, Mohamed Ali Bile, stressed the importance of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

He emphasized preventing hospitals from becoming hot-spots for spreading the virus.

Dr. Mahi Osman, the deputy health minister, thanked Havayoco for the invaluable contribution to the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Somaliland has so far registered 6 cases of COVID-19 infections.

However, the government has taken strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading in the country.


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