The President congratulates his Egyptian counterpart on his re-election


“I am confident that our relationship will be one that gives roots and a new dawn of bright era”, said the President

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, sent a message of congratulations to the president of Egypt who has just been re-elected by the people Abdifatah Al-Sisi.

According to a press release from the Presidency on Tuesday, the Head of State sent the congratulatory message that lauded the Egyptian leader for his triumph and expressed his confidence of the age-old brethren-ship and bi-relations between the two nations, while noting the need for Egyptian stability for both regional and Islamic nations.

“Mr. President, it is a great pleasure for me, Sir, speaking on behalf of the people and the government of the Republic of Somaliland, to congratulate you and the people of Egypt on the occasion of your election as the President of our brotherly Republic of Egypt; I wish you success in achieving your goals and the vision of our brothers and sisters in Egypt, to achieve more progress and prosperity”, said the statement.

It continued, “Mr. President, Egypt is the heart of the Arab and Islamic nations, and the stability of Egypt is essential for the stability of the entire region.

“We are also fully confident that Egypt will return to its role to play its leading role in the Arab, Islamic and African world and in all international forums.

“Mr. President, the relationship between us and the people of Egypt is old and long-standing, and I am confident that our relationship will be one that gives roots and implements the new bright era hence a guide the for the good and the right in Egypt and the Arab nation.

“Sir, I pray that Allah SWT aligns your steps and crowns your efforts to complete the process of development, reconstruction and prosperity to reach the national level”. END.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a top general, was born November 19, 1954, Cairo, Egypt.

A top Egyptian military officer who became Egypt ’s de facto leader in July 2013, after the country’s military removed President Mohammed Morsi from power following mass protests against his rule. Sisi was elected president in May 2014 and elected to a second term in March 2018.

He has now been re-elected again after he has just secured a third term as leader of the Middle East’s most populous nation, officials said, after the counting of votes in the election held between December 10 and 12 was finalised.

Sisi won 89.6 percent of the vote, the National Elections Authority said on Monday.

Turnout reached 66.8 percent of voters.

 Over 39 million Egyptians cast their ballots for Sisi, a former army chief who has ruled the most populous Arab country for a decade.

The vote, the result of which was in little doubt, took place as Egypt dealt with various crises, including the Israel-Hamas war in neighbouring Gaza and the country’s worst-ever economic crisis.