Hargeisa City, Electricity Stakeholders Unveils Visionary Common Electricity City Grid Initiative


Ministry of Energy & Minerals and the Somaliland Energy Regulatory Commission is excited to announce its transformative Electricity City Grid initiative. This groundbreaking WBG project aims to revolutionize the way electricity is distributed and consumed within our capital city Hargeisa, fostering sustainability, resilience, and efficiency.

The Electricity City Grid initiative is a result of extensive public and Private dialogue for all energy working group stakeholders, resulting advanced Distribution Planning, and Design Guidelines for commitment to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions. By establishing a unified electricity grid system across the city, we seek to optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and enhance the overall reliability of the electrical infrastructure.
The initiative will also empower residents and businesses with greater control over their energy usage through smart metering, real-time data access, and energy management tools.

“We are broad to introduce the City Electricity Grid initiative, which represents a major leap forward in energy distribution and management,” said Mr. Abdillahi Farah Abdi, the Minister of MOEM. By fostering energy efficiency, renewable integration, and grid resilience, we aim to create a city that is at the forefront of sustainable energy practices. This initiative aligns with our commitment to a cleaner and more resilient future.

Eng. Ahmed Adare, the chairman of Somaliland Energy Regulatory commission said,” We are thrilled to announce the regulatory authority’s commitment to support the transformative Electricity City Grid initiative”. This commitment from the regulatory authority strengthens the partnership between all stakeholders, ensuring a coordinated and supportive approach towards achieving shared goals. It also underscores our dedication to fostering a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected energy infrastructure within our city.
Remember, the power to shape our cities lies within each of us. Let us continue to embrace innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity as we work towards building our future cities that are not only smart and efficient but also compassionate and livable.

Finally, the ESP’s spokesperson Eng Mohamoud Ahmed Liban said, “we are proud to announce the collective endorsement of the groundbreaking Electricity City Grid initiative”. This united commitment from the industry’s key players represents a significant step towards creating a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected energy landscape within our city.
We acknowledge the CPCS’s foresight and dedication to integrating various aspects of distribution and sub-transmission development.

Finally, our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Energy Working Group coordinator for organizing this remarkable event.

Thank you all for being a part of this remarkable journey.

Somaliland Energy Commission
Eng. Ahmed Adare


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