USA Somaliland Advisory Group congratulates citizens on the 18 May anniversary


Happy 18th, May to all Somalilanders around the world for this historic Day of reclaiming Somaliland sovereignty from the Somalia
Somaliland is a hidden gem that can partner with American firms to develop its vast resources.
The invasion of Somaliland by Al-Shabaab terrorists, with support by other groups in Somalia, has sparked outrage and revulsion by Diasporas and governments worldwide. Al-Shabaab wants to damage every democratic government in East Africa. Worse yet is evidence that US armed and trained Somalian forces are helping to promote its brutal reign of terror in Somaliland.
Somaliland is intensely resisting this and refusing to sacrifice its 32 years of peace and good governance. On its independence from the UK in 1961 and immediate Recognition by the USA, the apparent benefit to unite with Somalia seemed a good idea – but instead it gave Somalian dictator Siad Barre free reign to brutalize and rapaciously exploit Somaliland until it heroically broke with Somalia on May 18, 1991.
Somaliland-American Strategic Advisory Group chairperson noted, “This invasion has rekindled memories of Barre’s 1989-91 “genocidal campaign” to prevent Somaliland independence. Barre destroyed 70% of Somaliland’s major cities, which the US GAO, Human Rights Watch, Washington Post and others had reported had killed 50,000+ and displaced another 500,000 Somalilanders. SL-SAG and US-SCC (Somaliland-American Chamber of Commerce) are organizing a delegation to meet U.S. Senate & House Members to discuss how to eradicate the Al-Shabaab threat. “Equally important,” said Robert Marro, former U.S. Diplomat and SL-SAG Advisor, “we want America to see the potential for U.S. business there, and the vast resources that can make it an economic powerhouse for all Africa.” Abundant minerals (cadmium, titanium, copper, silver, gold, Rare Earths and more) so critical to hi-tech industries can offset the Rare Earth monopoly by which China hoped to hold the world hostage. Its substantial oil & gas reserves, well-educated population with strong entrepreneurial spirit, and strategic location have already attracted interest in Berbera, Somaliland’s key deep-water port. U.S. economic ties can also help protect a key global shipping chokepoint on the Horn of Africa.
That can also counter China’s overseas military expansions by having US facilities in the only truly free nation in Africa, and an inspiration to China’s own freedom seeking provinces.

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