Chief Justice Sends Best Regards to Somaliland Public on the Auspicious Independence Day Celebrations


The Chief Justice Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed has wished Somaliland citizens a happy independence day, during the celebrations of Somaliland 32nd independence anniversary.
This second liberation is held annually on 18th May to mark the country independence from the ill-fated merger with Somalia.
The chairman of Somaliland Supreme Court reminisced the struggle the government and people of the country had to undergo to overcome the myriads of challenges to regain self-determination and aspirations to join the United Nations
He congratulated the armed forces and other security organs of government for standing firm to protect their country from incursions and maintaining peaceful coexistence throughout the nation.
The Chief SC prayed for abundance of wealth and health amongst the population.
He stated his wish to see the country recognised by the international community. He also wished for economic development within Somaliland.


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