The 32nd Annual Somaliland 18th May Independence to be the most widely celebrated abroad by Diaspora community


By M.A. Egge

This year’s annual celebration of the re-assertment of Somaliland’s 18th May Independence Day is being observed in about forty country’s simultaneously, making it the most widespread commemoration of the event yet seen.

It is the most passionately celebrated event with patriotic zeal and harmonious solidarity and unity.

A press release from the ministry of foreign affairs’ Diaspora office noted that the country’s diaspora community perpetual steadfastness in moral and material support for their country in pepping up and bolstering the economical development growth and aspirations to the chagrin of the enemies of the nation.

The diaspora office thanked and lauded the community abroad for the zeal in which they have mobilized and prepared themselves in readiness of observing the 32nd 18th May celebrations.

They noted the celebrations consist of major meeting, cultural and traditional folksong, poetry, games and a myriad of event that reflects the years the country re-asserted its sovereign independence.

The office disclosed that 81 major events in 62 cities of 39 different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, the US and down to Australia are being held in collaboration with representative offices and area residents has been on from the 12th of May and will continue sporadically upto the 26th of the month.

The press release notes that the patriotic solidarity and unity that is being depicted with passion, zeal and merrymaking is quite profound this year.

The dispora office appealed to patriotic local media to beam the events widely.

The motto “peace, unity and prosperity” was underpinned in the circular.


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