The National Army triumphs in battles fought at three fronts, says Military chief Major General Tani


By M.A. Egge

The commander of the National Army Major General Nuh Ismail Tani, said that Somaliland has achieved a victory in the fierce battles that took place on Tuesday that happened on three fronts i.e. in the west and east of Las Anod and in the Dhabarsar area between the Somaliland forces and the allied militia.

He said that soldiers with about 70 technical armoured units attacked a place 25 kilometers away from the Adi’addeeye road, and parts of the military base in Las Anod.

He said. “The fighting in Las Anod town, the capital of Sool region waged by terrorists and incursion militia were engaged in battles at both the east and west of Las Anod and also Dabarsaar in which we were triuphant”.

He explained that the national army had to counter the militia who were bent on blocking a major route that would have impeded the military support line.

He said that the counter offensive took place 6km from Dabarsar at 6 am in the morning hence they confronted them dissipated and dispelled the moves of the enemy.

He noted that despite there being casualties of war, the national army did triumph on all fronts in the battles.

The commander lamented that the militias were attempting to disrupt the celebration of National Day on May 18th.

He said that despite on one hand doing the national duties of defending the nation, the national army is on the other with the populaces in their chores to commemorate the 18th may national Day that the country re-asserted her sovereignty.



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