Police nabs 2 suspected terrorists, says Major General Mohamed Adan


By M.A. Egge

Somaliland Police Chief Major General Mohamed Adan Saqadi Dabagale said that they have arrested two people suspected of terrorism in the city of Hargeisa over the week.

He noted that the suspects were arrested with the help of the members of the public.

The commander encouraged the populaces to cooperate further with the security ar4ms in order to maintain and safeguard public security.

He called upon the people of Somaliland to be vigilant in maintaining security during the 18 May event and to contact the Police Force if they have any suspicions.

Speaking about the matter, he said, “Within the week, people have reported many things. We have succeeded in nabbing two suspect terrorists, who have just entered the city and I congratulate the people who reported their movements”.

He continued, “If we continue such collaborations, our chores would be apt and with ease hence I laud you and urge you to keep up the patriotic spirit”.



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