President visits wounded soldiers and hail their gallantry


By M.A.Egge

The President His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi visited the sick and the casualties in the wards at both the Burao General Hospital and the National Military Hospital, and hailed the gallantry and bravery of soldiers wounded in line of duty.

He praised and thanked all the physicians and general medical staff who attended to the patient and especially the wounded military servicemen hence encouraged them to continue their selfless efforts in their national duties.

The president individually shook the hands of the gallant soldiers who were injured in the line of their duties, terming them as national heroes.

The soldiers suffered casualties in the recent subsequent battles in Las Anod.

The Head of State prayed to God to give them all a speedy recovery, pledging that the government would dedicate everything related to their health-care.

For those who sacrificed their lives for the defense of the country and the people, he prayed to god to rest their souls in eternal peace and similarly pledged that the state will see to it that their families are well taken care of.

The president likewise extended similar prayers to the general patients admitted in the hospitals for various ailments.

He by extension lauded the diligence depicted by health staffers who served at the various health departments and the emergency casualty ings Oog, Ayinaba, Burao and Hargeisa hospitals.



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