Three children lost their lives as five others survive in Las’iidle flash floods


By M.A. Egge

Flash floods from heavy rains have claimed the lives of three children of the same family who were holed up in their house at Hidiidale in the rural areas of Las’iidle District in the Sahil Region over the week.

The rainfall that poured for two consecutive days in the area had strong currents flowing from uphill south of Las’iidle according to the local district administrator Mr. Adan Omar Ali.

He confirmed the deaths of the children and said that five other people survived the drowning in the same locality.

He added that camels too were swept away including the coveted ones that pastoral families use for transportation in the nomadic life.

The administrator said that they are still combing the area to take the stock of the situation.

Similar rainfall has been pounding many places across the country within the past four day, including Hargeisa city where it is still pouring.

Semi-arid areas are usually prone to flash floods whenever it rains.