Government denies the news spread by Somalia about the country’s universities


The universities of Amoud, Hargeisa and Burao are affairs of Somaliland and not Somalia, says Prof. Suleiman Dirir

By M.A. Egge

The National Commission for Higher Education has declared that there is nothing in the news that the Universities of the country have participated in a conference in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Some Somali media reported on Wednesday that the universities of Amoud, Hargeisa and Burao participated in a conference on higher education in Somalia.

However, the Higher Education Commission of Somaliland has denied the claims on the reports.

The chairman of the National Commission for Higher Education, Prof Suleiman Dirir Abdi, who reported to Dawan newspaper, said that the news related to the participation of the country’s universities in the Somalia conference is not true.

“The universities of Ammud, Hargeisa and Burao are Somaliland, and they are not part of the meetings and affairs of Somalia. The news about the participation in the meeting in Mogadishu is false.”

The statement of the chairman of the commission thus dispels the rumours and the doubts raised by some of the community about the news spread by some Somali media over the week.


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