Irro calls for peace and dialogue to end the conflict


By M.A. Egge

The aspiring presidential candidate of Waddani Party Abdirahman Irro has called for an immediate end to the fighting in Gaanlibah Mountain.

While speaking in Borama he sent his condolences to all those who died in the skirmishes, wished the injured a speedy recovery, and called for peace and to end everything through dialogue.

He said that he was not aspiring to presidency through the barrel of the gun but by peaceful means hence called on the laying down of arms.

He appealed to the members of the intellectuals, traditional leaders and the clergy not to assume volatile situation going on but should indulge themselves in the ways and means of curtailing the chaos.

Abdirahman Irro’s statement comes at a time when the rebels holed up at Ga’an-Libah mountains clashed on Friday resulting in deaths and injuries.


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