Lassanod Water Facility has not been destroyed by artillery, says Batt. Cmdr


By M.A. Egge

The National Army has denied that the water factory in Lasaanod (Safi Pure Mineral Water) has been destroyed at all.

The commander of the 114th Battalion Colonel Mohamud Osman Deri (Indayare) has denied reports that the water factory in Lasaanod was looted and shelled.

In an inspection he conducted at the facility, he verified, “we are here in Lasaanood Water Plant in Gojacade, and there are no problems whatsoever”.

“The Lasaanood water factory in Gojacade was guarded by the army during the crisis, it was not opened, and no artillery was hit.”

Commander Indha-Yare said that “the factory is a national asset, which is the lifeline of the nation. It is important for everyone to protect it, so we have strictly guarded its security”.

He said that claims of the plant having been burnt down or shelled were baseless.

He said that at the beginning of the conflict, they assigned their own forces to protect private and public property, in order to prevent groups whose culture is destruction and looting.



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