I urge misled residents of Las Anod to return to their town and people, says Gen. Tani


We have the ability to repulse the invaders in Las Anod but we are sparing the populace, he says

By M.A. Egge

The Commander of the Somaliland National Army, Major General Nouh Ismail Taani, said that the National Army has the ability to evict the groups from the city of Las anod, but they are only sparing the community.

He said that the residents have been misled and they may return to their people and city.

Commander Nouh who spoke to the national media Wednesday in Lasaanod gave details about the general situation in the last few days, reiterating that the National Army is still holding the ceasefire decision announced by the government.

“The National Army always carries out the orders of the government, and we are here for the ceasefire of the government. The national army has the power to get rid of the city from the invaders gathered from Puntland, the Al Shabaab terrorists but we are only sparing the civilians”, he said.

On talking about the situation in the town of Lasanod in the last few days, he said that it was calm and that there was no fighting.

“The last war took place eight days ago in the western part of the town. After that, or the last five days, the city is peaceful’, he noted.

“The forces of Somaliland have the ability to defend themselves, and it is the responsibility of the nation, we have ability and capability, whether they gather from Bosaso, Galkayo, Garowe, Qardho, Badhan, or Dhahar, the National Army is steadfast and at their bases”.

The General said that they are grateful to the nation and the community of Somaliland for their support, saying,

“We are grateful to the nation and the people of Somaliland for the support of their troops in all regions of the country”.

He decried the fake news that is spreading on social media.

Commander Nuh who sent a message to the people of Sool region called on them to return to their town.


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