Government pledges absorbing graduates with Special Needs from Abarso Tech University into public service


Government policy specifies giving priority to people with special needs, says Minister Kahin

By M.A. Egge

The government of Somaliland has pledged to employ students with special needs who graduated from Abaarso Tech University in Hargeisa.

It has at the same time promised to pay all the expenses of students with special needs who want to study at Abaarso Tech University next year.

This was revealed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, while speaking at an event held for the fourth batch of students who graduated in different disciplines at Abaarso Tech University.


Hon. Kahin advised the graduates to always think of what they can do for their country and not vice versa hence urging them to make advancements in further research and come up with programmes and or policies that can be productive in community development.

“We urge you not to wait for anything from anyone but be creative and research and develop things for the society and the country”, he said.

He said, “Don’t ask yourself what your country can do for you, but, ask yourself what you can do for yourself. It is necessary for you to work hard in order to benefit your country and your people from what you have learned”.

He lauded the institution saying, “Abaarso Tech University, I commend you for producing people with special needs as graduates”, terming the fete as a wonderful achievement. We did not test that these people could learn. But, Abaarso Tech University has tested, that they studied well”

Minister Mohamed Kahin continues his speech, he said.

He said that the vice president’s office, the ministry of employment and social affairs and that of finance had previously absorbed, in their institutions, female graduates from the college hence all of them (girls) will be thus employed thereafter.

He further pledged that all female students with special needs in all categories of their degrees will have their tuition bills footed by the state.

The government’s policy, which is guided by the Ministry of Education, states that we should give priority to people with special needs.

He cautioned the student graduates to desist from tribal inclinations and any associated retrogressive tendencies whatsoever.


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