Somaliland can teach the rest of Africa about peace and stability and it is already an independent nation!


On behalf of Somaliland Strategic advisory group (SL-SAG) we strongly reject the statement of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia. He stated that “we (Somalia) will not accept Somaliland’s independence.”


Somaliland was a British Protectorate from 1884 until 26 June 1960 when it became an independent state. Five days after receiving independence from Her Majesty’s Government, Somaliland chose to unite with Italian-trusteeship Somalia as the first step towards creating a “Greater Somalia” to unite all peoples of ethnic Somali origin across the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland has declared its independence for the second time on May 18th, 1991, when it reclaimed its sovereignty from Somalia following the failed union of 1960 and after a bloody civil war during the 1980s where Dictator Siyad Barre massacred more than 200,000 Somalilanders and left two million people displaced.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of Somalilanders supported the referendum to reclaim their independence from failed union with Somalia-Italiana. Somaliland formed a union with its southern neighbor state in 1960, a regrettable moment in the country’s history for Somalilanders. Prior to that union on the 26th of June 1960, the former British protectorate gained its independence as the State of Somaliland where twenty-six nations recognized the country.

The reason Somaliland works as a state is that it has built its own internal peace from the bottom up and has inclusive, democratic institutions based on universal suffrage. Somaliland has made tremendous progress over the last 31 years as an independent state. They have been thriving, successful, peaceful, and prosperous.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s resentfulness to the S.3861 “Somaliland Partnership Act” 117th Congress(2021-2022) has made him give a poorly selected speech in an attempt to amuse the Somalia Diaspora during his visit to the District of Colombia, Maryland, and Virginia. His audiences were the same people who were viciously campaigning against him only a few months ago.

On this first trip to USA after his narrow victory last May, the president of Somalia needed to focus on fundamental challenges such as the persistence of a growing violent Islamist insurgency of al-Shabab militants controlling a large chunk of the country. Close to a million Somalis live in parts of the country dominated by al-Shabab, and the militants have made access to most areas hit by drought difficult for relief workers to access.

The true extent of suffering in Somalia is far worse than the publicized data, with countless deaths going uncounted in rural areas. The President would do well to stop the side-show politics and focus on burning Somalia instead of thriving Somaliland.

It is high time the world, including Somalia, acknowledges that Somaliland enjoys the only democratic government system in the Horn of Africa and the country’s impressive history demonstrates one of the most successful models of grassroots efforts, bottom-up peacebuilding, and state formation in subSaharan Africa.

SL-SAG is nonprofit advocacy group that established this organization in order to educate the world and especially the United States of America about the two different worlds of Somaliland vs. Somalia

Here are a few recommendations:

 The Republic of Somaliland must be recognized by the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, and the United States of America.

 The Republic of Somaliland must be rewarded for being the safe haven, peacekeeper and the only stable nation in the Horn of Africa in these turmoil times.

 The Republic of Somaliland must have a direct and independent relationship with all nations as a sovereign, independent, and responsible nation, that safeguards its borders and keeps the security of the region in check. Somaliland is located in the most important geopolitical region in the HOA and it plays an important role in the region’s security which is a top priority including the maritime without any outside assistance and /or interference.

Press Release September 20th 2022


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