Justice Minister inspects Lasaanood prison


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Justice of Somaliland Hon.  Suleiman Warsame Guled, who is on an official trip to the Sool region, on Wednesday 21 September 2022 inspected the central prison in the city of Lasaanood and other places, which he noted as being seven decades crowded.

The minister also toured the police station in Lasanood, and the regional office of the Ministry of Justice.

Minister Suleiman also meeting with Sool regional and district administration officials, and also authorities of Lasaanod public notaries and the judicial community of Sool region.

The minister discussed extensively with the judicial community and the officials of the Notaries the department’s issues.

The meeting he held with the regional administration and that of the district which took place at the headquarters of the governor of Sool region, was attended by the governor of Sool region Abdikarin Aden Haji Diriye, the deputy governor, and the mayor of Lasanood.

The minister and the officials also inspected the correctional facility in Sool region, where they were welcomed by the commander of the correctional force in Lasanood.

Hon. Suleiman who was reporting on what he saw in the Lasaanood prison, said that the prison, which was built 70 years ago is now crowded with prisoners.


He said, “We entered the prisoners boarding and checked their condition. The central prison in the town of Lasanod has been in use for the past 70 years”.

He added, “We feel that the prison is located in the middle of the city, which is cramped and not apt for security”.


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