Somaliland celebrates 31st anniversary of regaining its sovereignty


Somaliland celebrates 31st anniversary of regaining its sovereignty This year, the Somaliland’s national 18th May 2022 fall on a Wednesday. It is time that the people from all over Somaliland celebrate their independence. Time flies so fast and we are already celebrating the 31st anniversary of Somaliland. According to the Somaliland Diaspora Office, the motto of this years’ celebration is Statehood Recognition & Prosperity. It is our common goal to work together and ensure that Somaliland achieves recognition and prosperity.

For this year the people of Somaliland are celebrating their nation’s 31st anniversary while at the same time supporting the victims of the Waheen market fire.
of people lost their businesses and livelihood as a result of the fire that broke out in Waaheen market on the 2nd April 2022. The people of Somaliland have once again shown resilience and unity. Both the people and the Government have shown during the last few
to be supportive of each other in a multipronged
to recover from the devastation caused by the market fire. The tragedy of the fire
seen as yet another test facing Somaliland and needs to overcome through unity and co
between the government institutions and all the sections of Somaliland society,
business community, public and the Diaspora. The drought that has severely affected many parts of Somaliland, especially the eastern regions of Somaliland, this is also one of the things we must remember on this 31st Anniversary. The drought issue was another test of the strength of solidarity and resilience for the people of Somaliland. The good news is that the business community and the Government of Somaliland were worked together to help people affected by the drought. However this is just the tip of the iceberg and the effects of the drought are still ongoing for the people of Somaliland. We must continue our efforts to support our people.

back to my article, the 18th May celebration is a part of a long journey for the
of Somaliland and its people. This young nation has since 1991 gone through testing challenges, grew by leaps and bounds to get to where it is today. You may be wondering what it has achieved since the reassertion of its independence. In this brief article, I do not intend to present all of its historical past or how it has reached its current position as a nation. You may want to refer, for this, to my article on the 30th anniversary:

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