Amoud University rewards The Horn Tribune media and other members


THT-The organizing committee for the ONE HEALTH conference that was held earlier this month held a dinner gala to congratulate and award all those who participated in the Planning, implementation and evaluation of the great one health conference for Horn of Africa Universities.

A Ceremony at Amoud University held a ceremony on Saturday night for recognition awards to various officials of central government and civil society, the media, elders and members of the society who contributed to the success of the Horn of Africa Health Summit that concluded last month, Dawan Media Group being amongst awardees.

Horn of Africa universities “One Health Conference” hosted by Amoud University was attended by universities in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia, while the University of Liverpool in the UK, UN organizations, INGO’s and local NGO’s, and three line ministries Environment, Health and Livestock, plus various experts and senior Doctors who discussed on important health related topics.

At the ceremony Amoud University Chairman Prof Suleiman Abdi Guleid said the purpose of awarding the certificates was to honour and thank the awardees for their contribution to the smooth running, and successfully ending of the Borama One Health conference.

Some of the award recipients who spoke thanked and commended the university officials for their efforts to improve education in the region, Somaliland and the Horn of Africa.

At the end of the ceremony, the recipient of the awards included Farah Isse Muse, Dr Ahmed Abdulkadir, Hashin Sh Omer of VOA and Dawan Media Group, which honoured journalist Mohamoud Ali Walaleye for his role in disseminating information on the health conference.


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