Somaliland People Have No Other Option But Defending Their Existence By Any Means Possible!


The Republic of Somaliland is surrounded by geographically hostile, hate-breeding and volatile Horn of Africa region. At a time of rising hostility and enmity towards the existence of our people and country, Somaliland citizens have no other choice but defending their  existence and country’s independence with SELFLESS DETERMINATION, BLOOD AND SACRIFICE.  

Our enemies, inside and outside, are actively working day and night, and often in concert and cahoots, to promote conflict, to sew hate and envy within Somaliland people, strife and propagate lies, fake news and disinformation about our country. Let us know our enemies and prepare ourselves to engage the enemy wherever and whenever they strike. Our patriotic instinct, our unyielding spirit of bravery and resilience have to be a reflection of who we are as a nation.  

The people of Somaliland must bear in mind that the factors that bind our nation and bring our people together are far more important than those minor things that we may hold in different views. We need to emphasize and strengthen the key elements that collectively work for the social fabric and common interests of our people and bring our citizens together.  

The way forward:  

If Somaliland people wish to succeed collectively as a nation; if we were to overcome the multiple challenges that our country and people are facing at the moment; if we seriously want to mitigate multiple hazardous occurrences in the  region; if we want to prepare ourselves for the unpredictable ramifications of the dangerous and destabilizing armed conflict currently unfolding in parts of our neighbouring country (Ethiopia), we are obliged to be guided by the following patriotic and vital principles: 

1. Somaliland people must be earnestly prepared to defend their country with all their might, blood and ultimate self sacrifice; 

2. We must always stick with and empower the practical importance of maintaining our people’s unity and sense of togetherness; 

3. We need to nurture the sense of nationhood, citizenship, civic responsibility and tolerance among Somaliland citizens, at home and in abroad; 

4. We need to combat collectively against the chronic and divisive tribal mentality among Somaliland society;  

ALLAH bless and protect the Republic of Somaliland and its people,  

By: Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr) 


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