“Taiwanese businessmen ready to do business with Somaliland.” Amb Allen C. Lou

Taiwan Representative in Rep of Somaliland Amb Allen C. Lou

THT-Hargeisa-2020 Taiwan Trade Fair unveiled various products made in Taiwan, attended by members of the Somaliland government, business people, other dignitaries and media organizations, such as Dawan Media Group and SomTribune has been opened in Hargeisa today.

Speaking at the opening the Ambassador of Taiwan to the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Allen C. Lou, outlined the purpose of the Trade Fair and called on the Somaliland community and business community to benefit from it to strengthen relations between the two countries.

“Taiwan is a country that has supported the prevention of Covid19 disease in Somaliland, not only with the tools to prevent it, but also with the necessary knowledge, and we have worked with the government.”

The Taiwanese ambassador spoke about his country’s success in fighting covid19.

“Various companies, some processing masks, while others testing appliances, have partnered with Taiwan government fighting for Covid19.


Ambassador Lou stated his government, various business organizations, such as TAITRA, the Somaliland representative in Taiwan are ready to help interested businessman and it’s a task both governments encouraging.

“Taiwan has businessmen who want to do business with Somaliland, and the government is very supportive. Like the Somaliland government and the Chamber of Commerce and the Taiwan office in Somaliland readiness for business support.

Meanwhile, Minister of Investment Mohamed Ahmed Awad and Deputy Foreign Minister Liban Yusuf Gaaxnug welcomed the opening of the Trade Fair and called on Somaliland businesses to stay in touch with their Taiwanese counterparts.

In a brief speech, Deputy Minister Liban praised the relationship between the two countries and echoed how they are working hard to improve it.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Office of the Representative of Taiwan in Somaliland led by Ambassador Allen, who has made this a difficult time to host the fair.

“As you all aware Rep of Somaliland and “Republic of China (Taiwan)” have signed bilateral agreement recently, and within few months later we have seen a huge progress on our bilateral cooperation on all spaces.



Deputy Minister Liban commended Taiwan and its population pointed how disciplined, hardworking and friendly people they are and happy to be friends.

Speaking at the Trade Fair, the Minister of Investment, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Awad, called on Somaliland businesses to take full advantage and start cementing good relationship with their Taiwanese counterparts.

“I call on the Somaliland business community to forge new business ties with their Taiwanese counterparts and to be Somaliland’s ambassador to the rest of the world.”

In conclusion, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Somaliland, the Minister of Investment, the Deputy Foreign Minister and other officials cut ribbon to open the Trade Fair event which was highly organized, were all guests attended went through the process of fever checking, hand sanitizer and wearing the face mask for health precautions.



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