Ahmed-darajo is new city chief executive


209b713d-4da4-47a5-bfcb-addb4134a3c9By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa-The Hargeisa city has got a new chief executive officer following an official directive by the interior ministry.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamud Abdillahi aka Darajo has been named to replace the incumbent Mr. A. Rabi as the executive secretary.

According to a scanned copy of the letter apparently signed by Hon. A. M. Waran’adde and circulated by a local electronic media site, the replacement takes effect immediately.

Before this news came to shore, a section of Hargeisa city councilors had paraded themselves to the media a day earlier on decrying the change which was then only rumours (as they stated to themselves).

This brings the abrupt end to the tenure of about six months of the incumbent which happens to one of the shortest in the city’s history.

On the other hand support for the change was seen by the time we went to press.

One of an upcoming aspirant a Mr. Abdiqadir Hassan Farah is reported as hailing the interior minister for directing the change which brings in a youth in what is one of the most challenging jobs in the country.



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