By M.A. Egge

The government has called upon those in the fishing industry to register themselves and their vessels.

Saying that it was important that each vessel acquires a number plate like elsewhere, the fisheries assistant minister explained the imperativeness of a vessel to be differentiated from a foreign one.

Hon. Mohammed Haji Aden Elmi was speaking to the press on Thursday while flanked by his DG Mr. Abdi Ahmed Noor.

The minister also revealed that the department was bent on bolstering the sector and would soon float 14 vessels.

At the same time Hon. Elmi said that expatriates were on the way to help boost the production of fish.

“We call upon all in the fishing industry whenever they are to register both themselves and theirVessel immediately” Hon. Elmi.

He said despite the fact that the registration process was an ongoing exercise, the whole bulk in the fishing industry ought to comprehensively undergo the registration process.

“Through FOA’s courtesy, the department is to acquire 14 vessels of 9.9m long”, he said, adding that in fact four has already been manufactured.

He told those in the fishing industry to rise to the occasion and participate further to make use of the modern implements, facilities and gadgets to be used.

Hon. Elmi dispelled the hitherto reported allegations on the registration plates and said that they were to be done aptly and in accordance to procedure.



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