The Hargeisa Municipal Council warns employees risk of termination if found indulging publicly in politics


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa Local Government has called on all of its workers to be careful about meddling in political matters and not indulge at all in the politics especially of the upcoming elections.

The workers were cautionary warned that if they are found to flout the regulations of staff tenets as concerns politics they would be interdicted immediately subject to be dismissed altogether.

A statement from the Executive Secretary of the city hall Mr. Saeed Noor Aw Jama, informed all the its workers to understand that it is forbidden for them to actively participate in political matters in public, as the law prohibits it as per Act. No. 1/2014 Article 23, paragraph D.

In his circular he said that in recent times, there has been political activism palpated amongst the city local authority staffers, something he said would not be tolerated at all.

He, by thus, directed the Director of Administration and the Head of the Personnel Office to act accordingly and forthwith as per the order against any employees who infringe upon the public service labour laws specified.