President Musa Bihi reiterates the nation’s conviction of seeing to it that Somaliland-Ethiopia agreement binds legally


Somaliland and Ethiopia are determined to see through the MoU and treatise it, he affirms

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has once again highlighted the fact that the Republic of Somaliland is on course to see to it that the crucial bilateral MoU entered with the neighbouring government of Ethiopia in the beginning of the year holds and successfully binds in a lawful manner.

He appealed for the nation’s unity and solidarity during this electioneering year to steer through it in concerted efforts and a harmonious manner, pointing out that the government is at hand to facilitate the processes as is incumbent upon it.

The Head of State reiterated the facts as he addressed the nation on the eve of the 64th National Independence Day celebrations marking the day the country won its independence from British at the Presidency.

He was quite convictional, and at the same insisted, that the maritime agreement was made in great the interests of the country hence ought to be seen through to officially treatise.

He said that Hargeisa and Addis Ababa are committed to the implementation of the agreement, and they are always ready to implement it.

“Somaliland and Ethiopia are determined to see the MoU and comes into effect legally,” President Musa said in his speech.

He noted, “Whenever the other party is ready we are too”, meaning that the nation is ready and only awaiting for their neighbours to complete their dossier.

He was quite vivid that the main issue and purpose in the pursuit for international recognition is the precursor of having the MoU agreement itself.

The President said that Somaliland and its people have an important opportunity to be recognized, and he announced that many countries are interested in Somaliland.

He pointed out that the acknowledgement of the geographical strategically important area we have naturally been bequeathed with is indeed valued and the country is noted for it.

The President was unequivocal that the Somali government of Mogadishu to claim Somaliland as part of their territory was non-binding and their disagreement with the Ethiopian agreement naïve hence that they would not be consulted in the implementation at all.

As concerns the elections and their preparations, he said that the government has already catered for its facilitations in funding and security aspects saying that it is necessary for the national political parties and organizations concerned to work together for the success of the electioneering processes.

The event was attended by eminent personalities in the official state circles and the social sector.

Speakers invited to the podium spoke in unison and suggested that they join hands for the development of peace and stability in Somaliland.