Somaliland defies foreign meddling on sea deal

  1. Lambast entities trying to weaponise it against Ethiopia

Somaliland vowed to continue defying and counter-fighting the ongoing smear campaign by what it calls ‘ arch and historical enemies’ to fracture the glowing ties between Addis Ababa and Hargeisa.

The all-weather Comradery between the two neighbors will get more boosts devoid of external meddling, said the Somaliland Ministry of Information in an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald.

Since the signing of the Ethiopia –Somaliland sea deal, some external entities tried to besmirch the very intent of the agreement and bewilder the international community with coordinated propaganda, Director General Mr Mustafe Abdi said. “Some Arabian entities that have issues with Ethiopia on the Nile are trying to use us as a weapon to attack our brothers in need. But surely, Somaliland cannot serve as a bullet to hit Ethiopia,”

“We believe Ethiopia is the second country for Somalilanders. Ethiopia was there by our side when we were being subjugated and chased by a dictatorial rule.

Somaliland people faced persecution elsewhere. Ethiopia was the only country that hosted fleeing Somalilanders and treated them well when they were killed and tortured by Mohammed Siad Barre.

Somaliland cannot conspire against their second nation. Ethiopia is where they can go and get refuge during turbulent times. It is clear that many Somaliland communities live in Ethiopia and there is also a large population of Ethiopian origin, he added.

Somaliland has the full right and ability to decide its fate without any external involvement. It is also countering the smearing propaganda campaigns waged by some entities through aggressive communication work. Ethiopia’s well-being and security are beneficial to Somaliland, as to him.

To fend off the ongoing acts of meddling and defamatory propaganda, Somaliland media tries to explore Ethiopian media and align their agenda accordingly. Some entities have also tried to cast doubt on the deal saying it is all rhetoric but currently lawmakers are working on the deal and will announce the progress in due time.