Somaliland Diaspora should remain vigilant to the threat of non-Somalilanders and paid trolls- MF


This year, Somalilanders again will exercise their constitutional right to vote, and will be electing their president and political parties in just under 171 days.

Indirect campaigning has already begun, and unfortunately the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs has observed on social media an increase in divisive and hateful rhetoric, particularly from our diaspora.

While we respect everyone’s right to free speech, we at MOFA respectfully urge our valued diaspora community to exercise this right intelligently and with wisdom.

Elections can stir strong emotions, but it is crucial to express these emotions thoughtfully and to ensure debates remain civil and substantive.

It’s also important that you all remain vigilant to the threat of non-Somalilanders and paid trolls, attempting to inject themselves into our electoral processes to create disinformation, distrust and division amongst our citizens.

Remember, the world is watching us, friends and foes alike, so let us show them a mature, civil and progressive Somaliland.