UK MPs highlighted the significance of the (MoU) signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland


A delegation from the United Kingdom, composed of Members of Parliament, who were on an official visit to Somaliland in recent days, has highlighted the significance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

They said that they believe the agreement will serve as a crucial stepping stone towards Somaliland’s recognition.

“On behalf of the UK delegation, I want to thank everyone in Somaliland for the warm hospitable, and interesting visit.

We all learned so much from the wonderful country. We saw the MoU, there is a very bright future for Somaliland and clearly, what needs to happen now in governments, including the UK government, with a special place is needed to recognize the independence of Somaliland, of this prosperous country.

The UK has always been an ally of Somaliland and we had such a shared history together. It’s our responsibility to say that message home and help you get the recognition you wonderfully deserve.” Stated MP Jason MacKenzie,

The delegation has assured that they will actively collaborate with Somaliland to help secure formal recognition from the UK government. This endeavor underscores a commitment to bolstering ties and supporting Somaliland’s aspirations on the international stage.