Putting Somalia back together has not worked, Britain should turn to the recognition of Somaliland.” Lord Stuart Polak


Lord Stuart Polak called on the British government to recognize Somaliland to contribute to the stability of the region.

In a debate in the British House of Elders on foreign policy, Lord Polak stated;

A very short distance from Yemen’s violent and chaotic coast lies Somaliland. Somaliland has 850 kilometers of Red Sea coastline with no piracy; this can be attributed to the pro-western democracy that is Somaliland. On 1 January, Ethiopia, a key partner of the UK, signed an MoU with Somaliland, in which Ethiopia formally recognizes Somaliland in return for it giving Ethiopia naval and commercial access to the Red Sea. This has been ratified by the Ethiopian parliament and other prominent African nations are seriously discussing this. I urge my noble friend the Foreign Secretary to look at these positive developments with a sense of urgency.

Putting Somalia back together has not worked. The world has changed and has moved on since our “one Somalia” policy, born in 1961. It is time our policy changes too. I hope my noble friend the Foreign Secretary will find the time to recognise and uphold Somaliland’s contributions to regional stability and security, ensuring that its vital role is not overlooked or undervalued.