Somaliland NIA seizes assorted supplies meant for allied groups in Lasanood


The National Intelligence Agency has seized weapons, medical supplies and other materials that are said to have been meant for the allied groups in Lasanood.

Somaliland’s top security agency, NIA, seized the materials following a three-day monitoring operation that broke a network of the syndicate behind the move.

The agency revealed that it seized 200 tires, mostly of typical military nature.

The reports added that the agency has nabbed several individuals behind the supplies, though it gave no details about their number.

Also, last week, the Security Agency seized two vehicles that were carrying weapons to the allied groups fighting in Lasaanood.

The National Intelligence Agency has made a major change in operations since the appointment of a new commander a month ago, and the members of the public has greatly welcomed the efforts and measures to strengthen the security of the country by the leaders and operatives of the agency who have been successful in their arrests in a short period of time.


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