The CEO of Dahabshiil Group participates in London meeting to prevent global food shortages and disasters


The conference on the prevention of food shortages and the causes of disasters is on and attended by more than 20 countries held in London.

The BBC interviewed the CEO of Dahabshiil Group Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Said who was one of the participants and talked about the role of businessmen in preventing food shortages and participating in development and job creation.

Talking on the role that Somali companies can play in dealing with food shortages, Mr. Abdirashid said that the importance of the meeting was to focus on food shortage on which is estimated that one billion people have food shortage in the world.

The meeting will discuss the measures to be taken in cooperation with governments, charitable organizations and business companies.

When he was talking about how to prevent famine in the world, he said that “there are many problems in the world, even the changed weather has an effect on the lack of food, the wars that are going on in many parts of the world, such as Ukraine and Russia, the world’s food, the weather has also affected, these problems have caused the world’s food to be less and be expensive and most people cannot afford it”.

When asked what can be done about the climate change that has affected the world and Somalis, Mr. Abdirashid said, “although African countries are not part of the countries that pollute the climate, but we have to live with the climate, there is nothing else that can be done about it, we must prepare for it and also Somalis should cultivate their own land and grow their food, and utilize their marines sources”.

While talking about the role of Dahabshiil Company in the development of the society, he said that “Dahabshiil creates jobs in the country, foreign money transfer contributes to development; we have done cheap energy projects, all measures are to prevent food shortages and disasters”.


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