IBU University has started its first Student Enrollment


By M.A. Egge

IBU UNIVERSITY in Garadag District said that it has started the registration of the enrollment of students that the university will absorb, after it was inaugurated in August.

Khadar Ilmi Barre, the head of IBU University in Garadag, who spoke to the national media, congratulated the students who have recently graduated from high schools in the country and called on IBU University in Garadag to provide them with quality education.

He revealed that the first 50 students to be enrolled would be supplied by the university the tools to help them study, such as laptops.

He pointed out that any details related to the University’s education information can be found by the students on the Internet website, http://Ibarreuniversity.net

This university is established in a district of Sanaag region that has not previously had a university level education.


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