Finance minister says defense and elections are to be prioritized


By M.A. Egge

Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire, revealed that the national defense and elections are the major priorities in the national budget 2024.

He made the revelations after having met with the parliamentary economic committee while accompanied by senior officials of the ministry.

Noting that Somaliland’s economy is built on two pillars, livestock and trade, the minister said that whereas the livestock industry was sound during the year, he lamented that trade had ebbed owing to stagnated market at the crucial frontier town of Tog-wajaale and the fracas in the eastern parts of the country having had its toll in the economic markets.

On the business side, due to issues beyond our control there has been a slight downturn, he said.

Dr. Saad said that the preparation of the budget is still a task but, acknowledging the areas that ought to be given importance, he said,

“The national defense and the elections are the targets priority for this year and the next year, with of-course inherent considerations in the social sectors such as health and education”.


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