Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Affairs, Justice and Human Rights Inspect Burao Correctional Facility


Parliamentary committee for justice which had lately been preoccupied in inspections of justice department facilities across the country, met with the governor of Togdheer region and administrators of courts in Burao.

The parliamentary committee also visited the Burao Prison to ascertain their welfare. They checked the general hygiene,  health of inmates and food rations of prisoners at the prison. Members of the committee also checked the process of inmates rehabilitation by the custodial corps.

After assessment of Burao Prison the justice committee members held a meeting with officer in charge of Burao Prison and ministry of justice coordinator for Togdheer. The officials informed the committee about the situation of the prison and welfare of the inmates.

Justice committee members quizzed the official on matters pertaining their docket.

Chairman of the parliamentary watchdog was led by Hon.Yahye Abdillahi Amin (Araarse) and his deputy Hon.Fuad Ahmed Diriye and other committee members.

The justice committee occasionally visit justice prisons to review the wellbeing of inmates.



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