Taiwan Grants to $2m to Somaliland


By M. A. Egge

The government of Taiwan, which has a good political relationship with Somaliland, and has cooperation in many areas such as economy, education, stability and many other issues, has donated 2 million dollars to the country. Taiwan is committed to humanitarian issues such as health and education.

Since the beginning of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the Republic of Somaliland, the two countries have been exchanging and working together on mutual issues. It is not the first time that Taiwan has donated to Somaliland and has stood by in support at different times.

The event where the government of Taiwan handed over the donation was attended by Somaliland’s Ambassador to Taiwan, Somaliland’s Minister of Financial Development and Taiwan’s Ambassador to Somaliland, who received the donation that will be implemented in Education, Health, Technology development and projects.

While divulging this information, the Minister of the Ministry of Financial Development Dr. Saad Ali Shirre, said that the government of Taiwan has intended this donation for humanitarian issues such as water, food, education, health. He acknowledged that the relationship with the government of Taiwan is bonded and effective.

He said that the Embassy of Taiwan in Somaliland has been open for three years, during which time the nation has received a lot of help from Taiwan in the sectors mentioned.

He touched on the major aspects of humanitarian projects implemented by Taiwan in the country, which included a lot of contributions during the difficult time of Covid-19, the support of the needy people due to the drought and also in holding the elections in the country.

He noted that it is not the first time that Taiwan has provided assistance like this to the government.


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