Due to national cohesiveness, Barwaqo political association accepts traditional leaders’ proposals in ending election disputes- Dr. Gabose


By M.A. Egge

Chairman of Barwaqo Political Association Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose has announced that for the sake of national cohesiveness he and his political organization have accepted the decisions of the traditional leader’s mediation delegates whose proposals has since been accepted by the government itself.

A press release on the night of Wednesday/Thursday by Barwaqo political association announcing the acceptance of the arbitration decisions reads as follows;

“Somaliland today is in a difficult situation that can cloud its existence, which we as an organization attribute to the prolonged political conflict and concerns that have not been officially resolved and have weakened the unity of the nation.

The Prosperity Political Union is very saddened by the suffering subjected to our armed forces that are the nation’s glory. We have previously recommended, and now we repeat, that an independent inquiry and investigation with transparency and accountability should delve into the matter. In order to recover from the problem, it is our first priority as a nation to put aside all the differences between us, especially on the cracks in our society caused by political disputes.

As a representative of the Barwaqo Political Association, I could not come to terms with the situation that I saw, and recently I loudly urged the traditional leaders of my Habarje’lo brethren to stand up and find a solution. Fortunately, thanks to God, they came up with a swift solution to end the election dispute.

As a witness to my beloved Somaliland nation, I have severally been disillusioned by my country in the past.

We have accepted the decision of the committee proposed by the elders which means that we have given up our political rights guaranteed by the Constitution, as we have been forced by the difficult circumstances the country is going through, and we have to consider the restoration of the unity of the nation and the good practice of solving our internal disputes” END.


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