Somaliland Youths & Women Ready to Take Arms to Defend the Country


The people of Gebiley town have greatly supported the Somaliland National Army on the front lines

Youths in different towns of Somaliland have come out in support of the nation’s war against tribal militia in Sool region. This follows an ambush mounted against Somaliland Army on the outskirts of Las Anod by tribal militants aligned to al-Shabaab terrorists.

The women of Gebilay region supported the national forces in the front lines yesterday.

The women said that they are standing by the national forces who are ready to defend the borders of the country

Speaking to journalists in Hargeisa and Burao the youths urged the government to enlist them in the army so that they could defend their motherland from further incursions by tribal militants and al-Shabaab terrorists.

They stated their willingness to die in the defense of their nation.

Their sentiments follow a cowardly attack on the army by a tribal militia fighting along-side al-Shabab on the outskirts of Las Anod.

Thousands of youths across the country have come out to support Somaliland Army quest to defeat the tribal militia aligned to al-Shabaab terror group on Sool region.


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