Motion on the Independence of the Office of the National Examinations Council tabled in parliament


By M.A. Egge

The Secretary General of the Somaliland House of Representatives Mr Abdirisaaq Syed Ayanle read before the members a motion brought by 42 members of parliament in which they seek the creation of a new rule to empower the independence of the National Examination Council Office.

Secretary Abdirisaq noted that for a motion to be tangibly credible it has to be backed by a minimum of 11 MPs but in this case this case it has been brought forth by a total of 42 MPs.

He cited several captions of legal clauses on the fact.

The need to make the office of the examinations council to be independent and have its security of tenure is in line with international norms in which roles of conflicts and conflicting roles that may overlap the council and the education executives may be weeded.

National examinations councils around the globe re usually insulated from of external forces given the fact that their duties centers on strict professional guidelines.

In the end, the council passed the motion with a positive vote, and we approved it.


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