Hargeisa Mayor Leads Fire-Brigade to Jigjiga, Ethiopia to Extinguish Fire


Guled A. Mahir

The Mayor of Hargeisa Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Moge on Friday night led a contingent of firefighters to Jigjiga Ethiopia. According to reports emanating from Somali administered region of Ethiopia a fierce fire had engulfed Jigjiga town.

Mayor Abdikarim was accompanied by Maroodijeeh governor, Somaliland Fire Brigade chief, Brigadier General Ahmed Sawahili and some members of Hargeisa City Council.

Somaliland delegation left for Jigjiga Ethiopia in a convoy fire-brigade vehicles and escort cars.

Addressing the press at a local gas station the mayor said, “We are reciprocating the good gesture of people of Jigjiga, Ethiopia. During the fire inferno in Hargeisa’s Waheen market they were the first to respond to our request for help”.

He continued, “They didn’t leave until the fire was completely extinguished. Today we have to show solidarity with the people of Jigjiga Ethiopia by going there to help them extinguish the fire. I pray to Almighty Allah to make our mission a success.”

Speaking to the media Somaliland fire brigade chief Ahmed Sawahili stated “We are going to assist in extinguishing a fierce fire. We have just been called and informed that a deadly fire inferno has engulfed Jigjiga town hence it is incumbent upon us to respond earnestly, the same way the people of Jigjigar, Ethiopia came to our rescue last year while we were in similar circumstance.”



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