Collection of voter cards is underway in three regions


By M.A. Egge

Potential voters who were recently registered have started collecting their cards in Awdal, Saahil and Sanaag regions have in readiness for the upcoming elections.

The exercise that will be on for 10 days will see the distribution of cards continue in Maroodi-jeeh, Sool and Togdeer.

The collection is going on procedurally and in peaceful scenario with the security arms of the state keeping vigil to ensure the process is incident free all through the distribution sites.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs urges the public to take the voting card, which is a right of the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland.

They urged the citizenry to maintain order by working with the security forces and the National Electoral Commission.

Earlier on the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission Mr. Musa Hassan Yusuf said that the total number of people who registered or changed their place to vote is 386, 674 (three hundred, eighty seven thousand, six hundred and seventy four people in the whole country).

This includes newly registered voting persons, replacements of lost cards and those who have changed residences or polling stations.

The chairman asked the people living in the three regions where the distribution of cards started on 31st May to help the National Electoral Commission in the implementation of the exercise just as he called upon the NEC staffers to depict patriotic diligence in their duties.


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