Borama police nabs assorted drugs, arrests culprits


By M.A. Egge

The police force in Borama on Wednesday seized various drugs including alcohol and cannabis and syringes and needles used for vices at the same time.

The commander of the police department in Awdal region, Col. Abdikhayre Arraweelo who was flanked by both his deputy and the regional operations commander said that they have arrested drug addicts including alcohol and cannabis, syringes in a residential house n the city.

He pointed out that the disgraceful injectable drugs for narcotics were a new twist in the vices saga to be nabbed. Such vices were hitherto unknown hence not used in the country.

He confirmed that the narcotics were captured together with three suspects arrested who were using them and a woman, in her residential house.

On the other hand, he asked the community of Borama to ascertain the backgrounds of tenants before they leased their houses.

He said that the suspects would swiftly be arraigned in a court of law and that the security arms of the state will always be vigilant against such malpractices and tendencies that were precarious to breach of public security.



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