Ministry of Health Holds Breastfeeding Meeting


Ministry of health development held a meeting to discuss the pending breastfeeding bill.

The director general ministry of health Dr.Mohamed Abdi Hergeeye who addressed the participants at the meeting stressed the importance of enactment of the breast-feeding bill into law.

He said “The breastfeeding bill should be passed sooner rather than later. Infant mortality has increased because mothers use powdered milk to feed their infants. Cases of diarrhoea are on the upward trajectory. We need to pass a law that encourages breast feeding for the first two years of children lives . I thanks all those who have participated in the drafting of this bill. We now look forward for parliament to pass it in to law. This bill is very important for our ministry. We shall start a public awareness campaign to encourage breast feeding.”

By:Guled Abdi Mahir



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