Business man Visits Las Anod Inmates at Hargeisa Prison Donates Food stuffs


Renown businessman cum politician Mohamed Ibrahim Qabyo-tire visited prisoners of war arrested in the Las Anod fighting currently incarcerated at Hargeisa Maximum Prison. The trader donated food stuffs and other goodies to inmates.

The prisoners were captured in Las Anod while  fighting Somaliland army, they had crossed the border from Puntland administered region of Somalia to attack the army.The business man donated food, money and clothes for the Eid festival.

The seasoned politician personally  distributed the donations to the inmates.

Present at distribution exercise was the Hargeisa Maximum Prison chief warden and other top prison officials.

Politician Qabyo-tire stated that he wanted to make sure the inmates from Sool region feel at home in Hargeisa.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir




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