Ministry of Education and Environment Hold Meeting to Develop Education in Rural Areas


A special meeting to improve educational standards and facilities in rural areas was held in Hargeisa. The meeting organised by the ministry of education and environment seek to uplift the standard of education in marginalised areas of the countryside.

The meeting was held at the ministry of education premises.

Minister of education Mr. Ahmed (Toorno) and the director general of the ministry of environment conducted the meeting.

Top officials from both ministries brain stormed the objectives of uplifting the educational standards in rural areas.

 The experts unequivocally agreed to integrate the Aqoonjire program developed by the ministry of education.

The two ministries agreed to utilize technology and solar power in dissemination of educational materials to rural communities.

The following points were deliberated:

1.Ministry of education and environment will cooperate to improve educational standards in rural areas.

2.The two ministries will create an umbrella organisation known as Aqoon-jire and consult with stakeholders to uplift education in the countryside.

3.Aqoon-jire and education stakeholders in rural areas will hold a monthly meeting to discuss issues pertaining educational improvement in rural areas.

4.All resources to improve educational standards in the countryside will be centralised.

5.Research and survey to be carried out in rural areas to gather information so that the data collected could be utitilized to improve educational standards in rural areas.



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