Minister Koore’s message: Differences in political opinion should not divide society


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance Hon. Yusuf Ali (Koore), advised the members of the public not to see differences in political opinions and politicians that have a negative impact on coexistence, patriotism, brethren-ship and good relations between them.

The minister, who published a written message on his social media page, specifically urged his supporters and urged them not to show hatred and malice, and not to take action against the mistakes made by those who abuse them.

Hon. Suleiman asked the community who are from the same region and support different politicians, him being one of them, not to be rendered asunder by their political affiliations.

He said, “Differences in political opinion should never separate the community and I urge the community that supports my politics to always safeguard the differences and not to be perturbed by the politicians or officials in the same area regardless of political affiliations or party. We are different. The politics of praise should not be the politics of insults but that of goodness, brotherhood and unity should.”

While speaking, he added, “I follow my fans’ thoughts and stand by them and I will support them in everything that is good”.

People who support the minister and those who criticize patriotism and his political stance often engage in debates on social media, so he has sent this message to prevent conflicts and put issues into perspective.



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