On January 5th, 2023, in an attempt to de-escalate tensions and avoid unwarranted violence in LAS’ANOD, the government of Somaliland ordered the withdrawal of all government troops from the city and back to their barracks on the outskirts of town where they remained stationed.
There was an unprovoked attack by terrorist elements on government barracks and troops in the early hours of February 6, 2023, and are still continuing as of this update. To this end, Somaliland troops remain stationed in their military barracks on the outskirts of Las’Anod, while extremists continue their assault from within the city.
The Somaliland government has ensured and continues to ensure that there’s no disruption of all basic services such as water, electricity, internet, health equipment including medicine, and, most importantly, security are available to the people of Las’Anod.
Furthermore, the Somaliland government emphatically denies the false accusations circulating online that the government has obstructed or cut off any basic necessities, and that the security forces have caused harm or willful damage to life and property within Las’Anod.
The Somaliland government categorically denies the false reports also circulating online concocted and employed by the terrorist militia and their supporters overseas to try to portray the Somaliland government as the aggressor in this matter. Common sense dictates that no government would order the withdrawal of troops out of their cities only to attack a month later.
Furthermore images of the destruction of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, places of worship, businesses etc posted online are of images from other nations. Simple google searches will attest to the source and authenticity of those
images, It’s also worth mentioning here most of those infrastructure have been projects established by the Somaliland government and their protection is sacrosanct.
Finally, the Somaliland government reaffirms here their commitment has and will always continue to work towards peace and stability in Las’Anod and elsewhere in Somaliland and clearly laid out in the most recent cabinet meeting chaired by the president. Peace is what got Somaliland here and peace is what this Somaliland government wishes for all its citizens.


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