We are brethren and a unit who are together, said Prof Samatar


The chairman of Hilaac Political Association, Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar, has called on the people to refrain from tribalism and hateful speeches with words that divide people.

Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar said that he is concerned about the war between the Somaliland forces and terrorist groups in Lasanood.

He said that the people of Somaliland are brethren who can never be separated from each other.

Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar observed that Somaliland has achieved a lot during its existence, and said, “Somaliland has achieved a lot in the thirty years of its existence. The policy of Somalia of trying to forge a union again is non-binding and distorted and as far as the Lasanood quagmire is concerned it should not been taken lightly but has to be addressed intelligently and wisely since the people are one”.


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