Treasury holds crucial annual assessment meeting


Assessment is part of the good administrative process that begins with planning, implementation and evaluation, says Dr. Saad Ali Shire

By M.A. Egge

Minister of Finance HON. Dr. Saad Ali Shire flanked by his Deputy Minister Hon. Rhoda Jama Elmi and the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman Muadinka held a crucial one-day meeting on Thursday with all the treasury senior staff that reflected upon and evaluated the comprehensive services of the whole financial departments in the past year.

All departmental and sectional heads gave a recap of all activities done, implemented, or associated in each department or section as per the weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports that concerned the year 2022.

They gave the presentation as per the standard national good governance guidelines whereupon every official is held responsible to account for his/her area of administration.

The last year’s departmental performance reports testate that good progress has been made in the implementation of the financial management reform program such as; use of modern automation systems, Financial Management Reform, Taxation, Customs, Taxpayer Awareness and Strengthening, Compliance, Budget Management and Expenditure, Procurement, Staff Reorganization and economic development policies and the promotion of domestic production.

It is worthwhile to note that the achievements have been realized during a difficult time in the world and the region, given the inflationary conditions.

Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman who has just taken the charge of the ministry as the new DG noted that he would now be more at grips about the activities of the previous year.

On her part Hon. Rooda Jama Ilmi pointed out that despite both national and international economical challenges may bear some effects and implications, she was hopeful that this year would be smoother and more positive.

Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire praised the officials of the departments for their responsibility in fulfilling their assigned duties, saying, “Evaluation is part of the management process that begins with planning, implementing and evaluating.”

The Ministry of Financial Development has an annual plan, as well as a five-year strategic plan, for each office to follow in carrying out its mandated activities, and at the end of each year, a general assessment is made of what it has done.



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